A bond of love is incomplete without marriage and marriage is a beautiful journey and a milestone of silver jubilee (50th / 25th wedding anniversary ) years of togetherness is spectacular thing that someone could ask from god,

We are extremely lucky to be part of such an amazing couple's life where we design choreography, provide our Unplugged songs to set a mesmerising experience full of moments where we refresh, rewind review and flashback to the life of the wonderful couple .

Engagement (Roka)

For any indian family Roka / sagai/ engagement is the most important 1st meet between two different families before the grand weddings .They are entertained in the traditional way so as to keep the value of customs, traditions and entertainment at equal priority. We are blessed to do not just roka but also wedding events and sometimes even the babyshower and birthdays for the same family.


Birthdays are not just for kids or teens but for all we do special milestone birthdays with theme like naughty at 40 , super 30, aab tak chappan , gold , silver , platinum and more themes to add fun glam and let the kid in you be alive for ever.

Baby Shower

Not Kidding But After Wedding The Most Important Family Event And Exciting Moment In One's Life Is The News Of Arrival New Family Member And So It Has To Be Made Very Very Special For The Parents And Grandparents To Be.

Keeping In The Mind All The Funny And The Kidding Games Which Would Entertain All The Elders And The Youngsters Of The Family

Earlier It Was Just Traditional Function But Now It Is Blended With Entertainment And We Team Kunal Buch Make It A Point That With The Respect To The Indian Tradition Of Baby Shower We Add The Flavours Of Excitement And Gaming Which Would Entertain Not Just The Guests But Also The Mother To Be And So The Baby With The Energy And Happiness From All.

Destination Parties (Kitty Parties)

With The Years Of Experience And Meeting Different People Of Different Age Group Kunal Buch Has Made Up His Branches With Different Business Owners And So We Have Indulged In To Destination Kitty Parties, Pvt Get-Together Where We Book The Venue Villas And Hotels And The Entertainment For Our Clients And Make Sure That It's One Of Its Kind Of The Kitty Party And Celebrations Together

Tour Entertainment / Gaming

With the growing tourism in India and across the globe there is also the need of an onboard entertainer who is better somebody like Kunal Buch who is experienced in meeting so many people across the globe.

We have handled corporate events not just at one spot but like a tour from one City to another city where entertainment is not just for a few hours but for a few days continuously in bus , flight , hotels and any place where there is scope to grip them.

This includes gaming, group activities, team building and some musical gaming along with on flow sports and physical and mental challenging games and activities.


Team Kunal Buch does not just book a band for you but we also work with the band and create new mashups with the knowledge of Kunal Buch and his creative team so you feel you need to listen to the music which is playing right now.

we get this concept of unplugged band in the wedding industry with the feeling that everybody and every age group will like this kind of music.An unplugged band in wedding Sangeet was not common until people really started enjoying it and acknowledging the same in a large number.

It might be a wedding Sangeet or it might be a reception or it might be any casual party, any anniversary party, any baby shower, event any special event, may be 50th wedding anniversary this is a perfect blend of music where you can involve the entire crowd of any age group in the mood of Amazing music.


Antakshari is a very old game but we make it different and give it a different feel completely. When it comes to entertainment it is not just our job but also our passion to make it look more energetic, lively, new, nice and most entertaining for the people who are playing the game and also for the one who are watching. We create different rounds and av scripts in such a way that all like to up on toe to sing, dance and win the awards for themselves while playing.


Lohri ,eid , ganpati , navratri , christmas and many more festivals of all religions are the main base of Indian tradition and culture

Some Indians across the globe also still celebrate them and as India is one of the best countries in the world where unity in diversity is followed very strongly.

Very renowned and the beautiful state Gujarat is most spoken about because one of the world's richest and the billionaire belongs to Gujarat Mr Dhirubhai Ambani. A very famous traditional dance called Garba originated from Gujarat and there are many forms of Garba and it is gone. Kunal and his team are always happy to do something different for their clients .

Janeyu (Thread Ceremony)

We blend tradition with trend and make the chil happy for the function as it is a very old and historic tradition and so we want to respect the cult and spread happiness with fun and gaming.

We have done destination thread ceremonies for our clients from dubai , sri lanka and many nri from different countries.

Charitable Shows

For Marwadi weddings best entertainment is been designed and entertained to the core in the traditional way so as to keeping the value of customs traditions and entertainment at equal priority. we will be happy to help you to design your event as per your crowd and your original choice. we blend tradition and modern requirement of our guest and our host we have been successful in making event industry wedding industry and the destination wedding much more successful with the traditional touch that a family requires.

We are always available to give our services for any kind of charitable show for the well being of the Society.

Virtual Special Occassion

We Were Only Aware About Virtual Reality Gaming But Now Everything Is Gradually Shifting To Virtual And That Is Today's Reality For Everyone & So The Entertainment Industry. Year 2020 Virtual Activity Got People More Close As Reach Of Entertainment Was At Different Speed Across The Borders Hence In Quick Time Kunal Had Multiple Virtual Events For More Than 5,000 Audiences In The First 6months Of Lockdown And Was No Looking Back With All New Set Of Corporates And Social Groups.

During Pandemic Lockdown There Was No Other Way Of Connecting People And What Better Than Having Kunal Buch Who Is A Perfect Blend Of Technical Knowledge, Scientific Knowledge And Practical Knowledge to rock the Show Virtually.

I hold 25 Years Of Experience As An Entertainer , Engineer With Qualification Also Studied Psychology As My Passion & now Using All Scientific Learnings blended With Experience To Make My Virtual Audience Feel Happy,Connected and Content.