Anchoring / Emceeing

The art of using voice & words in an extraordinary and fantastic way is what an anchor must have and yes Kunal Buch has an amazing voice that would not just reach your ears but will also touch your heart in the most unique way which will create memories for lifetime.

With his splendid mind boggling experience of two and a half decades, Kunal Buch is not only fabulous in crowd captivating, but also very entertaining, impromptu and crowd friendly.

His strength is his super positive aura, stylist personality and his knowledge in psychology, energy and body language because of which he has won thousands of hearts across the globe.



A good photograph is clicked by a photographer, but a good dancing pose is created by a choreographer. So always have the right one who is able to do it repeatedly.

Dancing is a form of celebrating some kind of happiness and to make it visually better we need a choreographer and to create the right choreography you’ll always need someone who is creative & experienced at the same time.

It's not always about the right song/ beats / rhythm/ place / person and so on, but the right chemistry created by any or all of these elements with the right choreographer.

and we have done it all for almost 2 and half decades in all kinds of events like sangeet, weddings, anniversary, baby shower, roka, birthdays and many more to celebrate with dance. We choreograph group dances, family dances, flashmobs, surprise dances, couple dances. We can proudly say that we have the best teacher who can choreograph all your dances. we have the right one with the perfect sense of beats , rhythm, music and put it into one box that turns out to be a beautiful memory for you.



When a music or a song gives you a soothing sense and inner happiness, that's when we know that it has touched your hearts.

Music is life itself. As we all know, music is the best way to face every problem, to crush every fear , to hide every pain, to express any kind of happiness , thus we know that music is for anything. In our unplugged sessions you see our singers playing all kinds of rhythm, song, instrumental, retro, new songs etc .

hearing a good voice is rare, and in our unplugged live sessions we see and hear our artists performing with all their hearts and mesmerizing the crowd with no age barriers with soulful songs.



With the technology coming in, the best thing that also came in was the invention of a music system and DJing coming in.

The fabulous thing about being a DJ is making people happy. There is nothing like seeing people get up from a table to dance or the expression on their face when they hear a song they love. Our DJ also loves to entertain people with music they have never heard.

Our DJ can make a whole room fall in love because DJing is not about choosing a few tunes. It is about generating shared moods, it's about understanding the feelings of a group of people and directing them to a better mood to dance and shake their bodies .

There are people who play records but there are experienced DJ who will blow your mind.


Playing fast around the drums is one thing, but to play with people for others to listen to, that's something else, and for us that's a whole other world. A drummer is always like the backbone who provides us the strength and gives us all the power for a perfect show.

Life is all about rhythm. We vibrate, our hearts are pumping blood, we are a rhythm machine, that's what we are. Our drummers practice from head but always play from their hearts.

When you can’t feel anything you will always feel the beat of our drummers. The drummers are so energetic that people can't resist tapping their feet.



While talking about the indian musical history, Dhol is a musical instrument which has been the most entertaining instrument which has been there.

Dhol is a musical instrument which is very critical when it comes to indian weddings especially in Indian Baraats.

Our Dhol players make sure that people groove to their tunes and they put all the energy to it.


Dubbing and Voice Over

Every show every present every audience of any age group would relate more to the voice then to the visuals for the emotions and hence we make it a point that you you as a host of the show or of any cultural or corporate event get the best voice dubbing in the voice over to deliver your emotions to your crowd in the right way.


Good audience good sound system good venue good anchor and a good concept is incomplete without a great script because through the language of scripting correct words correct punches and correct emotions is what we connect with the help of our scripting team we make sure that your every event is not just hyped up with the ambience and the sound but also the right emotions with the great and connecting script.

Studios for Recording and Editing

Editing is the most important part of any creative world

And to make your things look perfect, good and attractive we need to edit them in the right manner under the guidance of the right people.

We provide recording studios that would help you to do dubbing, recording editing and delivering the best out of the creative ideas we plan.